E-SAKUGA series is a completely new style of keyframes collection where you can tap and control anime key frames. The current title includes keyframes for all 26 episodes of the legendary Japanese anime series “DEN-NO COIL”

“DEN-NO COIL” is a high quality TV series created by a group of Japan’s great and popular creators.
Check out all the animation encompassing unique Japanese taste. This is a kind of invention.

Numerrous sci-fi visuals with a Japanese twist that makes “DEN-NO COIL” special is included as a number of illustrations, character sheets, and background art

More than 200 cuts are included from all 26 episodes. You can make the keyframes move using our unique Tapmation technology. The characters move about full of energy in your screen.

A juvenile sci-fi animation written and directed by Mitsuo Iso, a great animator that proved his abundant skills in works such as “Ghost in the Shell,” “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” and “Rahxephon.” The anime is based in a suburban town in the slight future where children meet various eccentricities through their AR glasses in cyber space.

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