Giovanni's Island E-SAKUGA

This is a Multi-Touch book of the key frame collection for the feature film animation Giovanni’s Island.

Unlike conventional paper books, through the unique Multi-Touch book features, we give you a chance to see the animators’ hand-drawn key frames in motion, like a flip book, using the originally tool “Tapmation” You can try out "Tapmation" in the sample.

Giovanni’s Island was created by a team of some of the greatest animators in Japan. Please fully enjoy the animators’ masterful techniques employed in the creation of this film.

- Giovanni’s Island -
An animated feature film based in the Kuril Islands in 1945. The story depicts the lives of two brothers, ten-year-old Junpei and seven-year-old Kanta, whose lives are dramatically changed by the Soviet military occupying their island.

38th Festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy: Jury Distinction
18th Fantasia International Film Festival: Kon Satoshi Award and Audience Award
13th Nueva Mirada International Film Festival: Jury Special Mention
5th Scotland Loves Animation: Jury Award for Best Feature Film
31th Chicago International Children's Film Festival: Children’s Jury Prize and Adult Jury Prize
18th Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division: Excellence Award

- About E-SAKUGA-
Multi-Touch book “E-SAKUGA” is a collection of key frames from Japanese anime. This tool was created to enjoy the artwork of animators directly and show stunning drawings, beauty of the lines, and interesting movements up close.

Use "Tapmation" to feel the mysterious essence of “moving pictures” in Japanese anime.

You can enjoy anime on many different levels through appreciation of the animator’s conceptualization and techniques of creating movement. We hope to do our best to create more and more “SAKUGA fans” in the world and help convey the beauty in Japanese animation.

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