Mariko's TEMARI Nagaoka-Kyo


てまり作家 藤田毬子のてまり作品集で、てまり作品を京都南西部に位置す竹林で有名な長岡京市の風景と共に収めた写真集です。


This is a collection of photo e-book which matched TEMARI with Japanese scenery.

You can enjoy to see many beautiful photos of valuable TEMARI with Japanese traditional places of Nagaoka-Kyo city, Kyoto.
Nagaokakyo-city is a city located southwest of Kyoto, Japan.

for example with Temple, Shinto shrine, bamboo forest...more.

TEMARI is made by several different threads which wind around the core for various designs.
It was girl-oriented toy in old Japan.
In the present time, TEMARI serves as handcrafted items which enjoy the embroidery of the traditional technique worth of beauty of geometic pattern of design than actual play use.

This is an anthology series of TEMARI which Japanese housewife (Mariko - a member of "Nihon Temari no Kai" and has the license of the instructor) living in Nagaoka-kyo city, Kyoto made.

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